Lisa has lived in the greater Fredericksburg area for 16 years.  Before becoming an appraiser, she worked in small business accounting and bookkeeping.  Her love for real estate brought her to the appraisal profession in 2003.  Under the guidance of a talented, established appraiser in the area, she is Virginia state certified and FHA certified.  Her dedication to the ethics of the field, to her clients and their clients makes her one of the most trusted appraisers in the area.

Lisa believes that part of the appraisal process is being available to address any questions or concerns that the borrower may have (within USPAP guidelines).  She also remains available to the lender for any questions that may arise following appraisal completion.

Let me know what it is you really intend to do with an appraisal. If you want to appeal your property taxes, don't say that you just want to know what your house is worth. The report you get probably won't do you much good because it doesn't address the issues in the most appropriate manner. Or, if you want a bank loan, tell me. I'm not going to take your money for a report that the bank won't accept because they didn't order it. Instead, choose your bank based on how they treat you and their knowledge of the field because you're going to be doing business with them a lot longer than you will with the appraiser, and ask them for a list of their approved appraisers and see if you can choose from that list or get me added to it. Not all banks will allow you to choose, but it doesn't hurt to ask.